Everyone should stay in school until the age of 18


Everyone should stay in school until the age of 18.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Sample Answer

The discussion of whether teenagers should stay in school until they turn eighteen is of concern for many parents and teachers. Some believe that it is a good way to ensure their safety while others disagree. As for me, I do not agree the former.

Some people assert keeping youngsters in school until they become adults is good for them in many ways. Firstly, it enables students to acquire sufficient education. As the current society is extremely competitive, a graduate certificate will entitle young people become a qualified job candidate in the future, allowing them to choose a desire career direction. Secondly, making school compulsory can effectively reduce juvenile delinquency. Lured by material possessions and physical comfort, some juveniles may turn to illegal methods such as robbery or steal to gain money if they leave high school. It all students remain in school before they become mature enough, they are supervised by teachers and peers without falling into temptation.

However, there are some others claim that any adolescents are free to decide what to do. To start with, it is a waste of time and money for those who dislike academic subjects. For example, some students have no interest in high school maths or science and want to enter the job market or go traveling. Once these people are required to stay in high school, they are not willing to make an effort on their study, thereby ending up with no achievement and no performance in class. Besides, there are some occupations such as chiefs or hairdressers do not require a high school qualification. If some teenagers want to be the outstanding athletes in the future, they will need to start a professional training with specialists at their early ages without waiting til turning eighteen.

To sum up, although teenagers are encouraged to stay in school until 18, there are exceptions for some students. I would not suggest making school compulsory for people who are under eighteen.

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