Unemployment is one of the most serious problems


Unemployment is one of the most serious problems facing developed nations today.

What are the advantages and/or disadvantages of reducing the working week to thirty five hours?

Sample Answer

Nowadays, lack of job opportunity is one of the most concern among people.hence,some authorities believe that reducing working hours to thirty five can be really helpful.in my point of view its not very hard to prognosticate the many downsides of this solution but it’s undeniable that people should consider all the solutions.So in this essay I will explain more about this issue.

To begin with, there is a widely held view among people that decreasing the working time can produce some new positions in the companies. According to this aspect of view, the rate of unemployment would be reduced while sharing duties among more staffs can meet companies needs in the higher level of quality. There Is some truth in this argument, but it seems it doesn’t usefully benefetionally for companies.

When we consider the other side of this argument, some critical views insist on economic problems which are coming from the new employee stipend.Actually, when companies hire more staff, they should pay more.moreover, they should support more employees in some different aspects for instance for paying their insurance. Owing to this, it can lead to expensiveness in the companies’ products while there are many other companies which are remained on their old policies and they are producing the same goods with less prices. By doing this, the companies which are pursuing this policy lose their chance for having a competition against other companies.

To sum up, taking the significant aforementioned discussions and supports into account, it seems its not beneficial for companies to have this policy .its really complicated issue that treat society and in my view decreasing working hours is not the right move for solving this problem and its just work in theoretical aspects.

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