people working in sport and entertainment earn more money than professionals like doctors, nurses and teachers


In many countries people working in sport and entertainment earn much more money than professionals like doctors, nurses and teachers.

Why do you think this happens in some societies and do you consider it is good or bad?

Sample Answer

Most countries tend to develop their foreign policy rather than citizen’s welfare. Some people argue that, governments should be more cautious on supporting educated people, while others, namely politicians show more interest on the fields that bring fame to the country. So, how to run this policy?

We must acknowledge that, culture as well as sport makes countries become popular all over the world. For example, any world-known singer is able to show the culture if his country and make foreigners show more interest in his country. In addition, sport competition aim to help countries become more popular, wherein sportsmen have more responsibilities in this regard and they have a great impact on encouraging children to build a healthy lifestyle as well. For instance, children have a great interest on sportsmen’s lives that they follow enthusiastically; therefore sportsmen as well as people working in the culture sphere should feel the support of governments.

On the other hand, governments should take into account that, educated people is the soul of the country. For example, teachers at school are considered to be second parents of children, who spend almost half of their life time with their pupils. In addition, considering the fact that, everyone, including sportsmen or people working in entertainment, needs to study at least secondary school as well as see a doctor while feeling sick. For example, a singer should have a university diploma therefore to become more professional in his field. As well, sportsmen regularly visit doctors in order not to have any serious health problem. This is why governments should be more careful with supporting professionals.

In conclusion, taking both sets of arguments I would like to reiterate that, governments should develop both foreign and internal policy at the same time and be more attentive on providing high living standards for professionals.

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