Tobacco and alcohol are drugs that cause addition and health problems


Tobacco and alcohol are drugs that cause addition and health problems.

Should they be made illegal? Or should all drugs be legalized?

Sample Answer

In middle of past century used tobacco became a part of modern societies. many factories established to make cigarette. Consequently many people got a job. In movie every star was smoker and drink alcohol, but today many people believe tobacco and alcohol have bad effects and must be prohibit.

I actually agree with idea that tobacco and alcohol and every kind of drugs must be illegal. I have some reason for that. First of all, all kind of drugs, alcohol and tobacco have bad effect on health of people. Cigarette causes some diseases such as lung cancer. Moreover, nicotine destroy brain's cell. Cigarette not only impact on smokers, also has bad effect on non smokers around them. Smoke is more danger of nicotine. Secondly, we must spend money for use tobacco or alcohol. This cost can be use someplace else, for example for traveling. Finally, government must allocate huge budget for medicines that used for this people And also cigarette pollute air too.

In additional, drinking alcohol damage people live too. Many accident happen when driver is drunk. Forever, this people lost their control on behavior, so they do some illegal act. And I also believe drink alcohol, damage on Liver.

Finally, tobacco and alcohol has a lot of negative effects on our society. Our children, old people are vulnerable. In my opinion government must ban them. It can do by increase taxes on use tobacco or cigarette or alcohol. We must show in media that how much alcohol and tobacco are harmful.

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