travel broadens the mind


It is said that travel broadens the mind.

What can we learn by travelling to other countries?

Should we first explore our own countries?


Sample Answer

Over the past few decades, the number of people travelling overseas and within their own countries has significantly increased. Currently, some people argue that youngsters should travel to international destinations before exploring their home town. While knowledge of totally different cultures is associated with roaming internationally, there are benefits to getting to know one's home country first.

There are obvious reasons why people should travel inside their country first. The significant one is that people gain familiarity for travelling at a basic level. If the individual is travelling in his own country, then it would be easy for him to deal with the locals and get exposure to travelling. I believe that short trips can prepare the person mentally, which is useful in travelling globally. Secondly, people get the opportunity to understand their own culture and religion from its core. This knowledge is vital to differentiate cultures from different perspectives. It can possibly let you down and make you feel embarrassed in front of foreigners if you do not know your own culture. 

On the contrary, some people argue that people should travel globally first. According to them, people can experience the differences between their own country and others. Also they can introduce their country to foreigners. Moreover, it has great educational value because people can learn different languages and can indulge themselves in the varied cultures.

In conclusion, although travelling to different nations has educational benefits, I personally prefer to explore my own country before travelling internationally.

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