Logging of the rain forests is a serious problem


Logging of the rain forests is a serious problem and it may lead to the extinction of animal life and human life.


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Rainforests around the world are being destroyed at rates unimaginable. As a result, wildlife habitats are being destroyed and many species of plants and animals are disappearing. There are several contributing factors to the destruction of rainforests; this essay, however, discusses how cutting down trees for commercial purposes is the major factor here.

Deforestation occurs for many reasons: trees are cut down to be used or sold as fuel or timber, while cleared land is used as pasture for livestock, plantations of commodities and settlements. More than half of all plant and land animal species in the world live in rainforests. The removal of trees without sufficient reforestation has resulted in damage to habitat, biodiversity loss and aridity. For example, animals like the panda and orangutan are now declared endangered because of the uprooting of their natural habitat, as are many precious plant species.

Modern development's encroachment upon aboriginal cultures has also had a detrimental effect on their way of life. Indigenous tribal people are facing increasing pressure as the impact of the modern world spreads to the most remote reaches of the rainforests. Many tribal communities are threatened from the risk of destruction, either by annihilation or assimilation.

One of the solutions to this problem has been suggested as the concept of sustainable development. It is true that the progress at global level cannot be stopped, however, it can be slowed down and directed efficiently so as to not compromise the needs of the coming generations as well as ensure future survival of our forests.

To conclude, rainforests are an asset to the entire world. The destruction of rainforests worldwide is a problem because it eliminates habitat for wild life and depletes the earth of vital environmental services. The world needs to comprehend this and brake its blind race of progression. 
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