Consumption of Fast Food in the UK


Write a report for a university lecturer describing the information in the graph

Sample Answer

The graph shows changes in the amount of fast food consumed in the UK between 1970 and 1990. Several trends are apparent. First, Britons are eating more and more fast food. Secondly, the type of fast food has changed.

In 1970, the most popular fast food was fish and chips. Over 300g were consumed each week. By 1990, however, this had fallen to just over 200g - a 50% drop. Consumption of other fast foods such as pizza and hamburgers increased, however. The amount of pizza eaten shot up from about 20g a week to more than 270g, overtaking fish and chips in the late 1980s. Hamburger consumption also increased, rising from about 80g in 1970 to almost 300g in 1990.

Accompanying this change in the choice of foods was an increase in the amount of fast food consumed. In 1970, British consumers ate about 450g a week of fast food. In 1990, on the other hand, this had more than doubled, to 1000g.
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