IELTS Speaking Band 7

Fluency & Coherence
The candidate speaks at length without noticeable effort or loss of coherence. There is very little hesitation, and she is able to talk continuously with only occasional hesitation and repetition. There is some good use of cohesive devices, for instance:
• “… and another reason is that …”
• “… both for work and also for entertainment …”

However, the range of cohesive features and discourse markers is not wide enough for a higher band. Some referencing and connectives are missing, with some overuse of basic items. For example:
• “You can visit a lot of place without going out, without leaving the country, you just watch the TV programmes about travelling, about country and I think it widen our horizon.”
Lexical Resource 
The candidate has a wide enough vocabulary to discuss topics at length. There is frequent use of less common items, idioms and good collocation. For instance:
• “… one of the largest and most comprehensive museums in the world …”
• “… money-driven …”
• “… sustainable development for tourism …”

There is some imprecision in word choice. This keeps the rating below a higher band score. For instance:
• “… know some experience …”
• “… vivid suggestion …”
• “… discuss about …”

Grammatical Range & Accuracy 

There is some accuracy and control over the complex structures that are used. Conversely, the frequency of complex constructions is too limited for a higher band. There are some grammatical errors that persist but these do not impede communication or meaning, for instance:
• “I think it’s very good place …”
• “… it’s a fantastic place that you can know what our history evolves …”
There is sustained use of intonation, with effective use of both stress and intonation. An example of this is “EVERY day”. 

Overall score: 7