IELTS Speaking Band 7

The candidate is willing to speak at length and uses a range of connectives and discourse markers. However there appears to be noticeable effort due to hesitation and slow speech which results in some loss of coherence.
There is useful signposting, for instance: 
• “I believe so.”
• “I think it depends.”
• “Actually, this is something with two sides …”
Lexical Resource 
The vocabulary used is flexible enough to discuss a variety of topics and includes usage of less common and idiomatic expressions, as well as showing some awareness of style and collocation. Some good examples of vocabulary include:
• “They have their own point of view which is not generally accepted …”
• “… historical relics …” 
• “… tourists pour into those historical sites …”
There are some inappropriate word choices. In addition, paraphrasing is not always effective.
Grammatical Range & Accuracy 
A range of complex structures is used with some flexibility. Though there are some grammatical mistakes, especially with complex structures, the candidate can frequently produce error-free sentences. Good examples of grammar include:
• “Since I was a little child, it was my dream to be a teacher because both of my parents are teachers.”
• “Actually I have been there twice in the past few years. The first time I went there with my husband just a few months after our wedding.”
• “If there were no Internet, I think probably we would lost [lose] many ways of communication and it will make our life more difficult.” 
The candidate demonstrates some effective use of pronunciation features, including good use of stress, such as “Till now, I’m quite satisfied with my work”, though this is not continually sustained. In addition, the candidate’s slow speech affects the natural overall sentence rhythm.
“Till now, I’m quite satisfied with my work”,
Overall score: 7